loopic object

Loopic object is the "brain" of the Loopic animation execution. It contains properties such as templateData and flags, as well as useOnPlay, useOnUpdate and useOnStop methods. It also contains helper methods such as getElement and autoSqueeze.

General information

You should never modify loopic object instance by yourself - you are allowed only to read from it's properties and call it's methods.

All accessible properties and methods are listed in the documentation.

Middlewares concept

Loopic object implements a concept of "middlewares" when update, play and stop functions are called by CasparCG. The middleware concept allows us to link many functions as we want and they will all get executed once a specific event occurs.

For example, we can set a method to get executed once CasparCG orders a play() method execution. Similar to that, we can link functions to update or stop functions - this allows us to be very flexible while coding our templates while having minimum amount of code.

In addition to linking new functions to specific events, there are also default middleware functions - they make sure that the animation execution goes normal in case if we did not modify any middlewares on our own.