Layer types

Currently, Loopic supports 6 types of layers, each explained below.


Classic text element - contains special text properties that other elements do not.


Basic (currently rectaangular) shape that can be designed and animated. Usually serves as a placeholder for chaging color. Below the surface, it a HTML DIV element.


As the name says - image loaded into project. Contains special image filter properties. Images are entirely imported into Loopic, which means all the information (bytes) are read by Loopic directly from the hard drive.


Similar to the image. Contains SVG markup which can be accessed with Javascript. Usually used as non-rectangular color placeholders.

Image Sequence

If you select multiple images, they will be imported as a sequence. Very important feature, since many of the broadcast graphics are exported as a PNG or similar sequences.

Image Loader

One of the best features of Loopic - works similar to the text element, but only for images. If you pass an image URL to the template data, the image will automatically appear in this placeholder - no code required! Also contains some special properties.