The ultimate CasparCG graphics creation tool.

Create professional, smooth live tv graphics quickly and easily - directly from your browser!

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HTML Headache?

No more coding required!

Don't know HTML/CSS/JS? No problem!
Loopic is a great tool for the people without experience in those technologies.


No Actionscript.

Since Loopic is HTML-powered tool, there is no Actionscript.


No Third-party plugins.

No need for third-party plugins in order to export your animation in HTML.


No export complications

Loopic-exported CasparCG graphic are contained in one single .html file.


The tool YOU have been looking for.

Simplicity first is the moto under which the Loopic was developed.


Ease of Use

Loopic is in the first place designed for people with zero experience.



Despite running in a browser, Loopic has fantastic performance.


No Installation

Loopic runs directly in your web browser.


Two ways of
using Loopic

After Effects to HTML

Convert graphics

from your favourite animation tool

Loopic has all features you need to convert your existing graphics and animations from software such as Adobe After Effects to HTML format compatible with CasparCG.

Light bulb idea

Create graphics

from scratch

You can use Loopic to create graphics from scratch - Loopic provides a set of features for designing custom graphic templates. These features are constantly being improved and expanded, to fulfill all needs for creating any kind of graphics templates.

How much does it cost?

At this moment, Loopic is 100% FREE.

Soon, Loopic will be available in both free and paid plans.

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