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The ultimate HTML5 graphics creation tool.

TV graphic templates builder for CasparCG, SPX and LiveOS - running in your browser!

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Struggling with HTML?

HTML Graphic Templates, Code-Free!

Experience with HTML/CSS/JS is not mandatory anymore when creating with Loopic.


Effortless Template Creation

Loopic's intuitive, web-based interface allows for rapid creation of dynamic HTML graphic templates.


Seamless Integration

Easily integrate Loopic-created graphic templates into your CG system for immediate use.


Flexibile Coding Options

Coding-free design with advanced implementation options for experienced developers.


Compatible with several CG systems.

Graphic templates exported from Loopic can be directly used with multiple HTML CG systems - no need to adapt the exported code.

CasparCG Logo


Windows and Linux software used to play out professional graphics, audio and video.

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SPX Graphics Logo

SPX Graphics

Live graphics control application built for graphics in broadcast, streaming and events production.

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Software and IP-based local, remote and decentralized live media production solution.

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Efficiency and compatibility

One creation tool, multiple platforms.

Streamlined template creation process saves time and money for users of all skill levels.


Power and Simplicity

Revolutionizing template creation with effortless efficiency.


Asset Files

Easy integration of existing assets to elevate templates.


Single-click Exporting

Export graphic templates in seconds, literally.


Two ways of
using Loopic

After Effects to HTML

Recreate graphics

from other animation tools

Bring in exported assets from other design and animation tools like After Effects and recreate graphics easily in pure HTML using Loopic. Apply dynamic text, images, masks, write custom scripts - all within one app!

Light bulb idea

Create graphics

from scratch

You can use Loopic to create graphics from scratch - Loopic provides a set of features for designing custom graphic templates. These features are constantly being improved and expanded, to fulfill all needs for creating any kind of graphics templates.

User Guide & Actions API

Explore Detailed Documentation

Access comprehensive documentation, divided into user-friendly basics and advanced Actions API, empowering users at all levels.

How much does it cost?

At this moment, using Loopic is free.

Soon, Loopic will be available in both free and paid plans.

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